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“We are people who, on a daily basis, risk their health or their very lives with toxic chemicals; hazardous materials (glue, cement, solvents, paints, plastics, etc); dangerous tools (both sharp and high-speed); inhospitable environments (dining-room table, all-too-comfy-chair, dogs, cats, kids, bad lighting, etc.) and the downright dastardly antics of kit manufacturers who, be they mega-corporation or garage-kit maker insist on not quite doing their job right so that we have to work a bit harder; are only making miniatures of their favourite subjects for their own and other people's pleasure.”

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Sorry, this is taking a little longer than anticipated but looking to have thing sorted by mid-August. Fingers crossed.
SFMuk Admin 6 hours ago
An update. I have a decal supplier working on the Thunderbird 6 decals right now.  I expect to have a test set in a few weeks. I will post... More
Quick update- basic flat colours on the figure. Film stills have the waistcoat/tie as a lighter grey but I think dark grey/black to match the...
They had 2 Babylon 5 STARFURY kits. £50 the pair.....was on the way over to get them and some bugger got there first...........:(
 Quote from Marten Richens Man, this is one hell of a build. Outstanding job! Eh up marten,cheers buddy it's an epic build so far.its... More
Small update Should have this on display at SmallSpace this sunday!
Glad you got this sorted as I still hadn't got round to uploading them for you. Looks great, very earthy textures!
Check out the viral Thunderbirds pro-mo for the series next year. Can't wait.
Hi Folks I know I've been dark for a while (still fighting the drop ship), but I thought I should post this as I'm sure there will be someone... More
Randy Bowen's Decapitator, boxed with a tiny bit of work done (teeth replaced) £80're running a video build blog of the Stasis Pod on YouTube. Part 1 is all about preparing the resin...
Now there's a thought! Been asked to make it like Elsa's ice palace, hence the blue colour. Final colour will be a little bit lighter. Probably...
Alun Jun 24
Nice work so far Pete.


Lorem ipsum — dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, qui... more
ross Jul 24
What You Get There have been 2 other models released by Airfix which tie-in with the Wallace and Gromit shorts, namely the airplane and the motorbike and sidecar, both from "A... more
Building The MasterBlaster From Mad Max: Beyond Thunderd ome. Back in 1985 I committed a crime, nothing major but a crime nonetheless. Along with a friend from school I sneaked in ... more
So I treated myself with a little bit of Christmas money. I have wanted to really try and stretch my painting ability to the limit and I have had my eye on this model for a long ti... more
Introduc tion This has to be one of the most awaited Star Trek kits for a long time and is the first officially licensed kit to be released by Polar Lights. It was mastered by Thom... more

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