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“We are people who, on a daily basis, risk their health or their very lives with toxic chemicals; hazardous materials (glue, cement, solvents, paints, plastics, etc); dangerous tools (both sharp and high-speed); inhospitable environments (dining-room table, all-too-comfy-chair, dogs, cats, kids, bad lighting, etc.) and the downright dastardly antics of kit manufacturers who, be they mega-corporation or garage-kit maker insist on not quite doing their job right so that we have to work a bit harder; are only making miniatures of their favourite subjects for their own and other people's pleasure.”

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Just to say that the glue Pete sent me worked great. Set off really quick and held up after a journey along the very rough roads upto Norfolk at...
Alun one hour ago
Great pictures Pete, thanks for posting.  Will have to try and get down there to see this at some point.
Alun 2 hours ago
Very nice!  Very expensive!
Alun 2 hours ago
You still got the Star Wars hanger stuff Mark??  If so could take that along as I don't think that's been to the Milton Keynes show before.
Alun 2 hours ago
Good find!  And great job and getting it to where it should have been in the first place.
Alun 4 hours ago
A quick Mini moke conversion from last year (a late entry to the theme week I know) to 'the prisoner' taxi used around the village. The battered... More
Gareth James Yesterday, 11:43
i was envious of the decals but after hearing the last report am not any more hahahahahahaha hopeing to start my galactica and pegasus soon just...
Chris man, you may have seen this, but some great reference anyway for you.     
Yeah got one via ebay - needed it in a hurry.... :)
Okay, primed in White, the central section masked off, coated in Halfords Matt Black, masking tape removed to show shocking attempt at masking...
Thanks Jim. I will be there and will come over and say hello.  Landing Thursday in Northern KY and driving the 100 or so south. hoping to be... More
not really Alun, solid lines on the edges so easily done with masking tape.. something along the lines of this (but not necessarily these... More
Too soon. Remember that Caprica flopped and wasn't there that recent origins story about Adama? Surely there has to be some new stories to tell... More
Alun Apr 17
love how that's turned out, that sugar glass idea is inspiring.. liking the almost weathered look on Murphy too.. looks the part.. excellent job...
Thanks. This is one from a few years ago now and if only I could remember how I painted him!!!!  I know I was going for a real life denim and... More


What You Get There have been 2 other models released by Airfix which tie-in with the Wallace and Gromit shorts, namely the airplane and the motorbike and sidecar, both from "A... more
Building The MasterBlaster From Mad Max: Beyond Thunderd ome. Back in 1985 I committed a crime, nothing major but a crime nonetheless. Along with a friend from school I sneaked in ... more
So I treated myself with a little bit of Christmas money. I have wanted to really try and stretch my painting ability to the limit and I have had my eye on this model for a long ti... more
Introduc tion This has to be one of the most awaited Star Trek kits for a long time and is the first officially licensed kit to be released by Polar Lights. It was mastered by Thom... more
The Model I picked this large 1:350 scale NX-01 Enterprise from ModelZone in Holborn, having bought the Refit Enterprise previously. Like it's cousin it is a big kit, but not quit... more

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